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JavaScript Rendering
JavaScript rendering is required to scrape some websites, otherwise they can block you. Its hard to maintain own cluster of servers to concurrently scrape websites with headless browsers and rotating proxies. They require a lot of RAM, CPU and efforts
Our fine-tuned Chromium browsers and high-quality rotating proxies significantly lower the chance of CAPTCHA
You can choose from datacenter and residential rotating proxies. Datacenter proxies are generally faster but have a higher chance to be blocked by a website. In that case you can try our residential rotating proxies so you will be able to view website as a real user
Fetch Requests
Many websites can be scraped with its internal API though it requires more skill and knowledge. Requests without rendering are also available. They are also using rotating proxies and are priced much lower
Pay As You Go
Unlike other similar services Synato provides Pay-Per-Use pricing model which can lower your costs significantly. Pay only for successful responses
Fast, Simple and Reliable
Synato can return data for a simple website with JavaScript rendering and random proxy under 1.5 seconds for hundreds of concurrent requests. You can expect a response with no CAPTCHA in 95% cases
Block Trackers And Ads
Our Chromium browsers can block resources: tracking and analytics scripts, ads, images and CSS therefore making your requests even more faster
Auto Retrying
When our software detects a captcha or some error, it tries to get the same page several times with different proxies for free
Because of retries, proxies, cold starts and rendering this action can take up to 30 seconds for heavy websites. For some websites render mode is required to bypass captcha checks
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